Our Story

McKenna is the youngest of four children to Chad and Beth MacGowan. She was a 16 1/2 month old spunky little girl who liked to keep everyone on their toes. Always one to get what she wanted, she would climb on the table or whatever else was in her way to get it. Having two siblings that were only 13 and 30 months older made playtime so much more fun. Reading books with her oldest sister was also something she loved to do.

On January 15, 2021 our lives changed forever. McKenna and her brother and sister were upstairs playing for a short time while waiting to leave on a family errand. Unknown to anyone, McKenna had taken a piece of a hotdog from her lunch along with her to play. While playing she choked on the hotdog. When alerted by the other children, her mother found her unresponsive and immediately began CPR. Needing a firmer surface to perform the CPR, Beth took McKenna downstairs to the dining room table, and by doing so dislodged the hotdog. Tragically, McKenna did not survive despite all efforts to save her.

As a legacy to McKenna, we have established McKenna’s Mission Inc. so that she would always be remembered.